Sash's Story

  Coming from an entrepreneurial and design background, Sash Padayachee has 30 years’ experience in the retail sector, including a decade abroad. He has a National Diploma in Fashion Design and a B.BA Retail from Newport University (US).

  Within the sector, Sash has served with distinction as Fashion Designer, Supervisor, Store Manager, Area Manager, Buyer, Planner, Divisional Operations Manager, Deputy General Manager: Operations, and Group General Manager: Learning & Development for Edcon, MRP, Trade World Botswana, and Landmark Group Dubai.

  Whilst at Edcon, Sash was a past Head of the Edcon Retail Academy, and has established retail academies across the Middle East. He has conducted retail research in the UK, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Botswana, Indonesia, and South Africa.

  Sash conducts the Retail Immersion Programme for the SA Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) across SA, and currently manages retail advisory projects in South Africa, East Africa, and the Middle East.

Product and Services

Directed research

More than standard current-state market research is required to ensure the impact of the strategy development and implementation cycle. Research that is actively directed towards achieving strategic goals provides more than data – it lays the groundwork for implementing strategy by clarifying the gap between “what is” and “what is possible”.

Skills development

Skills development initiatives, from once-off tenant talks and facilitated retail leadership workshops to SETA-accredited and funded programmes, are a significant element in ensuring the impact of many of Taleo’s bespoke retail solutions.

Business mentorship

The challenges faced by independent retailers can be overwhelming, and high failure rates amongst independents can have severe knock-on effects on shopping centres. Business mentorship is offered to assist SME retailers to turn their stores around and to shopping centres to reduce high attrition rates.

4 elements comprise the approach taken to turnaround mentorship:
- A current state inspection
- Turnaround planning
- Mentoring and monitoring over a 90-day implementation period
- Measuring the impact

Stakeholder sentiment analysis

Discovering what your customers and think and how they feel about you as a retailer is essential to retain customers and grow new markets. The objective is to actively capture customer sentiment and derive net promoter scores (NPS).

Using the information captured, detractors and passives can be turned into promoters, improving overall business performance. Similar methodologies apply to other stakeholders in the retail sphere, including tenants, staff, and communities, allowing for the development of 360 degree sentiment maps.

Our Clients

Feedback on Retail Immersion Program conducted by Sash Padayachee for SACSC

“This programme gives property professionals an insight into the tenants challenges and day to day operations”
“It has been a valuable learning experience to take a retailer/tenant point of view as opposed to always looking from a Landlord perspective. It can only improve how Management works with tenants moving forward to have a deeper understanding of the retailer perspective.”
“It is important to understand the business from the retailer’s perspective which is so often overlooked due more to ignorance than a desire to do so. This course allows the opportunity to bridge the gap.”
“As an introductory to retail the material was very good and on point. It is difficult to find detail of this nature without appointing external consultants hence having information freely shared was what I appreciated and enjoyed most from the course.”
“Sash is one of the best in what he does, presentation, experience, knowledge and influence in making me to assimilate information.”
As the name of the course spells out, it is really about getting into the "guts" of what retail is all about while I had the notion that it was more about retail and centre management itself. This having been noted, if you fully understand the nature of the retailer, managing a retail outlet or centre then becomes the logical extension thereof so it all ties in together at the end.

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